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Iron and H2S Filters

Groundbreaking iron and sulfur filters remove nasty stains and unpleasant smells naturally without the use of harsh chemicals or complex water treatment systems.

Certified Team Of Experienced Experts

New Jersey Water Purification’s highly trained and experienced team of water experts are able to identify and resolve all of your water needs. Our teams knowledge and skills are unmatched in the industry and will provide you with the best possible service.


Eliminate iron staining and odors from your water for good.

There’s a simple, highly effective, and all-natural way to reduce staining in your home from minerals like iron, hydrogen sulfide, calcium, magnesium, and manganese. The best part is that the Iron Breaker III by Charger fixes the root of the problem, so you no longer are forced into chemically treating your water.



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Eliminate Stains

Eliminate staining in sinks, tubs, toilets, faucets, & fixtures.

RemoveWater Spots

Remove unsightly deposits and hard water spots.

ProlongAppliance Life

Prolong the life of your water-using appliances and plumbing.


Save up to 75% on cleaning chemicals and soaps.

Proven Patented Technology

The Iron Breaker III uses an oxidation process to eliminate iron and H2S without chemicals, air compressors, aerators, and other complex equipment.

Optional Ozone Generator

When you add Charger’s ozone generator option, the Iron Breaker III system is automatically sanitized during the regeneration process for simple and affordable upkeep.

A Natural Self-Contained Solution

The Iron Breaker III stores a “bubble” of air, compressed by your well pressure, within the media tank. As your water passes thru the air, the iron or H2S is converted to a particle which is then trapped by the catalytic filter media in the tank while the air “bubble” is gradually consumed by the passing water. When the system regenerates, the unit first “backwashes” itself, removing trapped iron particles. The system then replenishes the “air bubble” by drawing in atmosphere, temporarily emptying the tank of all water, and transferring oxygen molecules into and on the surface of the media bed where all oxidation occurs. The system then returns to the “service” position, again filtering your water.


WQA Gold Seal

The Iron Breaker with the Fleck 2510 Control has met the Water Quality Association’s stringent requirements and has been awarded the Gold Seal. This process “ensures that the product is constructed or formulated from safe materials, that claims listed on the packaging are backed by test data, and the product will hold up under normal usage conditions.”

Longer lasting,brighter clothes

Does it seem like your clothes don’t stay bright like when you first brought them home from the store? Do your white clothes take on an orange or red color after a few washes? Iron and other minerals can cause clothes to stain over time and the mineral literally beats up your clothing during the wash cycle. NJWP Iron filters remove these unwanted minerals so you can enjoy brighter brights and whiter whites.

Cleaner, more manageable hair

Iron, sulfates, and other minerals can cause damage to your hair rendering even the most expensive shampoos and conditioners useless. Get beautiful, flawless hair naturally by fixing the root of the problem – your water!

Reduce dry skin

Hard water minerals and iron bond with soap to leave a scummy residue on your skin when you shower or bathe. While your skin may feel “squeaky” clean, that squeak is just the residue left behind to dry out your skin. NJWP’s Iron Breaker III by Charger  reduces these clingy minerals leaving your skin slick and smooth without the grimy residue.

Extend the life of your water-using appliances

Imagine that your plumbing & pipes are the veins running through your home and the water is the lifeblood. Now imagine injecting harmful minerals or contaminants into those veins and think of all the areas in your home that water touches. Your water heater, boiler, washing machine, dishwasher, faucets, fixtures, coffee pots, humidifiers, dishes, glassware and even your clothes, skin, and hair are affected, not to mention the water you then consume. The only way to ensure your home’s appliances will live longer lives is to make sure your water is clean and free of contaminants and damaging minerals.

What causes iron stains?

Iron comes in two not-so-delicious flavors: ferrous and ferric. Ferrous iron is also called “clear water iron” because you can’t actually see it in your water. However, after water evaporates off your sinks, toilets, showers, faucets, and fixtures, BAM! You’ve got a reddish orange stain left behind. So sneaky, right?!

Ferric iron is known as “red water iron” because you can see the discoloration in the water as it runs out of your faucets. This type of iron is typically easier to clean off your sinks, tubs, showers, and fixtures and can typically be filtered out of your water. Ferrous iron must be oxidized first and then filtered. If you don’t have a tremendous amount of ferric iron, it can also be treated through a natural process called ion exchange.

How to remove iron staining?

The best way to remove iron is to prevent it from building up in the first place. However, if those sneaky little iron particles have already attached themselves to the surfaces throughout your home, don’t fear, there’s a simple fix. The first step is to call New Jersey Water Purification, we can let you know what type of iron is present and provide you a solution for cleaning it off your surfaces. We’ll also let you know how to fix the root of the problem to prevent future staining.

What’s causing thesulfur smell in my water?

Hydrogen sulfide isn’t the only culprit that can cause your water to take on a disgusting scent of rotten egg. Iron-reducing bacteria and sulfate-reducing bacteria can both create this unpleasant odor as well. Surprisingly, iron and sulfates can build up in your water heater creating a slime which produces a smelly gas. Pretty gross, right? The good news is, a New Jersey Water Purification professional can help you determine the real cause of your water issues and provide you with treatment options that will leave your home smelling much better.

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